Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Palatability, Satiety and Calorie Intake

WHS reader Paul Hagerty recently sent me a very interesting paper titled "A Satiety Index of Common Foods", by Dr. SHA Holt and colleagues (1).  This paper quantified how full we feel after eating specific foods.  I've been aware of it for a while, but hadn't read it until recently.  They fed volunteers a variety of commonly eaten foods, each in a 240 calorie portion, and measured how full each food made them feel, and how much they ate at a subsequent meal.  Using the results, they calculated a "satiety index", which represents the fullness per calorie of each food, normalized to white bread (white bread arbitrarily set to SI = 100).  So for example, popcorn has a satiety index of 154, meaning it's more filling than white bread per calorie. 

One of the most interesting aspects of the paper is that the investigators measured a variety of food properties (energy density, fat, starch, sugar, fiber, water content, palatability), and then determined which of them explained the SI values most completely.

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Chill Day

Happy Tuesday my lovelies!  It's a MAJOR chill day for me.  I'm not used to really dressing down so when I do I feel a little weird.  I love heels and boots but sometimes it's nice to just kick back in some kicks! I didn't really get great shots with this outfit today but I loved these 2 and combined them into one photo.

I went with all black.  You can never go wrong with that.  I've got on legging style pants from H&M, Target tank and H&M faux leather jacket.  I'm wearing my Aldo Maxwells.  I haven't worn these since the last time I posted about them.  They're so comfy.  I thought it would be fun to take some pics with my BEATS headphones.  This was one of the best purchases I ever made.  I've got minimal accessories.. just my MK watch and Suite201 leather bracelet that you can't really see, small black earrings, 2 rings and my shades.  A very simple, laid back outfit for a sunny Tuesday! 

I purchased a new closet shoe rack yesterday and now I can actually see all of my shoes!  My other one made it difficult to see them all. So I posted a picture of it on my instagram (make sure to follow my pics on there: username is natybaby) and I was asked where I got it from and how much because it's a nice size and holds a lot of shoes.  I got it from Target for $26.99 and was able to fit 6 pairs of shoes on each row.  Not too bad!  It unfortunately doesn't hold every single pair I own, and it's kind of long so my closet can only fit one, but I'm so happy with it.  Here's a photo of it:

Have a great day!! xoxo

Monday, February 27, 2012

Soda-Free Sunday

Last Thursday, I received a message from a gentleman named Dorsol Plants about a public health campaign here in King County called Soda Free Sunday.  They're asking people to visit www.sodafreesundays.com and make a pledge to go soda-free for one day per week. 

Drinking sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs), including soda, is one of the worst things you can do for your health.  SSB consumption is probably one of the major contributors to the modern epidemics of obesity and metabolic dysfunction.

I imagine that most WHS readers don't drink SSBs very often if at all, but I'm sure some do.  Whether you want to try drinking fewer SSBs, or just re-affirm an ongoing commitment to avoid them, I encourage you to visit www.sodafreesundays.com and make the pledge.  You can do so even if you're not a resident of King county.

Palm Springs Modernism Week Vintage Trailer Show 2012

Once again, the vintage trailer show at the Palm Springs modernism week did not disappoint!  This is my second year attending and touring these mint vintage trailers including the one of a kind "Decoliner" built from scratch in twenty months.

When you enter the show, you don't quite know where to head first.  All of the trailers lined up had their own distinctive look and feel to them inside and out.  It's hard to choose a favorite, but the crowd seemed to be drawn to the decoliner.

The show was held last weekend in Palm Springs at the end of their annual, "Modernism Week" which includes festivities throughout the week that is sure to please the mid century modern design fan.  This past Saturday, I wandered around the trailer show and photographed some of the trailers, but mostly I enjoyed picking people out of the crowd to photograph.

A big thank you to all who agreed to pose for me as well as "Airstream Life" for coordinating another successful event.  If you're an Airstream owner, be sure to put Alumapalooza on your list of things to do in June.

Here are some photos from the day.  To see more, click HERE.

Rich And Brett, the two behind the magic...

Spring Fever

This weather is driving me crazy!  It was so beautiful out and I have a serious case of spring fever.  I love layers, boots and all types of fall/winter fashion but I am so ready to start dressing for the spring & summer.  In fact, I already have been a little bit lol. I have no patience.  I'm sure some of you agree.  I was finally able to shoot outside again.  This is one of those outfits that I literally pulled out of my you know what.  You ever put something together so fast and last minute but it all comes together and works out great?  That's what happened today.  I'm happy with the outcome :)

I'm wearing my tan/khaki colored skinnies from H&M.  They were fresh out of the wash today and fit me tighter than last time.  I have on a white tank from Target that I paired with a denim crop jacket that I have had for YEARS.  It's one of those items that I never wanted to part with and I have to admit, this is the first time I have worn it in a very long time.  I couldn't even tell you where I got it from because I don't even remember.  I'm wearing my wooden heel Steve Madden lace up booties that I finally took out of my closet again.  I have been wanting to wear them lately and just didn't get around to it.  

This snakeskin bag is from ShoeDazzle.  It's another item that I haven't used in quite some time.  I thought the neutral print of this bag went perfect with this outfit.  It was a nice little touch to bring everything together.  I think this is the best way to incorporate prints into your wardrobe without overdoing it.  I know that some people aren't really big on prints or are not sure how to wear them the right way, so you could totally do something like this! 
  My accessories are this statement necklace from Forever21, H&M charm bracelet, big chain ring from Gypsy Warrior and these gold bands from H&M.  Lately I have been stacking 4 bands and wearing them on my ring fingers.  I like the way it looks.  

I have been wearing my hair in a bun for the past couple of days.  It's just the easiest hair style and requires no effort on my end.  Now that my hair is getting much longer it takes forever to blow dry and I hate it! 

This was definitely more of a spring outfit then winter.. but like I said.. I've got spring fever :)  Must take advantage of any warm weather that comes my way.  I hope you are all enjoying this day so far!! 

<3 Naty 

Saturday, February 25, 2012


I'm selling another item!  This is a faux leather metallic gold jacket from Arden B that I literally wore once for a photo shoot.  I've held on to it thinking that I might wear it again and I just never do.  It's in perfect condition and it's great for spring & fall seasons.  It can be worn different ways too.  Size XS.


Here's a link to my online store.  If you're interested but want to see more photos or get any more info please email me at aloveaffairwithfashion@gmail.com 

Fashion Event

Last night I went to a mini fashion event at House Of DeCicco Salon in Ridgwood.  It's such a beautiful salon. Their stylists did hair and makeup for the models and the fashion was provided by Suite201!  The event's purpose was to showcase different hair & makeup styles for prom, semi formals, sweet16, etc., as well as the different party dresses that we carry at Suite201 for all different occasions. They also wore some of the jewelry that we carry and headbands too. So they put on a little fashion show and  I think it was so cute and the girls did a great job.  There was a DJ and some food and treats too :)

I wore black trousers from H&M, my puffy sleeve Zara top, H&M black and gold belt and my simple black pumps.  I'm wearing a thrifted medallion necklace, MK watch, black & gold shoulder bag from Forever21 and Sophisto lipstick from MAC.  The weather last night was gross and I was having such a bad hair day, so I curled my ends and put my hair into a big bun.  It was a very simple chic ensemble.  I love wearing outfits like this.

Here's some photos from last night.  The iPhone is not great for action shots so they are kind of blurry. 

These were my favorites! They're wearing 2 of our Naven dresses! 

I hope that you're all enjoying this weekend so far.  The wind today is out of control.  I stopped by a boutique today and picked up a new ring, envelope clutch, and tunic dress.  I love new things :) 
Happy Saturday! xo

Friday, February 24, 2012

Button Down Switch Up

Another day not being able to shoot outside!  I didn't really dress for this rainy day.  I had no idea it was going to rain until I walked outside my house this morning.  I guess I should start paying more attention to the weather!  Since I found that amazing vintage necklace yesterday I wanted to wear it asap.  I recently bought this button down crop top from H&M and I knew that it would go perfect together.  Usually when I wear button downs, they're longer length and I almost always wear it tucked in, sleeves rolled up and the first 2 buttons undone.  But this time, I went with a little bit more of a preppy look.  I buttoned it all the way up and left the sleeves down to my wrists.

I'm wearing my skinny black pants also from H&M, bakers wedges, studded clutch and a few rings.  This look is simple but a little different than I what normally do. I really love the metallic color of this top.  My only complaint is the material.  It gets wrinkled so fast.  I swear I need a pocket steamer or something! I keep buying these tops that are super hard to iron.

Today at the store I did a little styling with 2 different pieces that we have so that I could shown the various wears of wearing them.  I wanted to share it with you guys.  This is a FEEL THE PIECE cardigan and a MISS FINCH button down.

A lot of people don't think to belt their cardigans and they could look really cute paired with leggings or a skirt.  They are also really cute tied up to the waist. You know by now how much I love button downs and their versatility.  Whether you tie it at the waist, wear it long over some skinnies, or tuck it in with sleeves rolled up, there's just so many ways.  So I hope this gave you some ideas!  Enjoy the rest of this rainy night.  Happy Friday lovies. XO.