Tuesday, January 31, 2012

HD 785-7 Komatsu Dump Truck Specification

Empty weight (ton) 72.0
Max. Payload (ton) 91


SAE (2:1)heaped (m3) 60
Body inner width (mm) 5200


Type SAA12V140E-3
Gross Power/Rated Speed (KW(HP)/rpm) 895-809-750-698 (1200-1085-1005-936)/1900 with VHPC
Fuel Consumption Rate 207 g/kWH  (152 g/PSh)
Injection Common Rail
Rated Output 895 kw / 2000rpm
Exhaus Emission Tier 2

Model Komatsu Powershift K-Atomics with Eng-Trans, Integrated control and skip shift

Speed F1-F7 & R1-R2

Front & Rear Wet disc
Parking & Retarder Wet disc, All wheels
Continuous rating KW(HP) 1,092(1,484)

Brakes All Hydraulic
Body Hoist Electronics

Skip Shift

Monday, January 30, 2012

Paleo Diet Article in Sound Consumer

I recently wrote an article for my local natural foods grocery store, PCC, about the "Paleolithic" diet.  You can read it online here.  I explain the basic rationale for Paleo diets, some of the scientific support behind it, and how it can be helpful for people with certain health problems.  I focused in particular on the research of Dr. Staffan Lindeberg at the University of Lund, who has studied non-industrial populations using modern medical techniques and also conducted clinical diet trials using the Paleo diet.
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I just got back from AC a little while ago and I had such a great time with my mom & sis.  We stayed at the Borgata, which is one of my favorite hotels and had dinner at this amazing restaurant called Izakaya.  They have the best sushi.  I live for their dragon roll and edamame dumplings!  We had some drinks at Long Bar and Gypsy bar and then later at night went to the Mix.  Such a nice mini getaway with the fam :)

I didn't want to do a dress or skirt this time so I was trying to find something that I could piece together.  I found this really cute black peplum top at Forever21.  Basically peplum means a ruffle or short overskirt that is attached at the waistline.  It's a very popular trend that's going to be big this spring.  The shirt has a zipper going down the middle in the front.  I didn't want to wear it with my regular black skinnies, so I actually found these great legging style pants at H&M.  They are so comfortable and fit like a glove.  They also have 2 zippers in the front pockets.  I wasn't planning on going with a zipper theme outfit, but it worked! It added some edge.

I have on my black heels from Mandee.  I love the style of this shoe because it's not a regular pump.  My accessories are these silver chandelier earrings, MK watch & leather wrap around, silver finger ring from Forever & Juicy Couture cocktail ring.  Then I used my envelope clutch bag from H&M. I didn't do a necklace because the front zipper was enough. 

The finishing touch was a red lip, MAC Russian Red.  I haven't gone out in all black in awhile so it was time to do it again.  I want to share these photos from yesterday :) 

During the day I went to AC wearing my dark skinnies, over the knee boots, creme sweater & H&M printed scarf. You see my Suite201 bracelet? :)

My beautiful mother!  This was in the afternoon at long bar :)

My dinner at Izakaya.  The dragon roll & salmon avocado roll.  If you ever go there, you must try!

My sister friend.  Sisters by blood.  Friends by choice <3 

I hope that you all had a great weekend too!  I keep forgetting that it's Monday already.  It really feels like Sunday still.  I'm looking forward to this new week :) 


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Porsche 911 GT3 RS4.0 Specification

With the new 911 GT3 RS 4.0, we have reached the highest level of sportscar construction. The water-cooled six-cylinder boxer engine with four-valve technology and enhanced VarioCam timing transmits its power to the rear axle. The high performance unit produces an impressive maximum engine speed of 8,500 rpm. It delivers 368 kW (500 hp)* from a total displacement of 3,996 cm3, corresponding to an output of 92 kW (125 hp) per litre. The maximum torque is 460 Nm at 5,750 rpm.
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) takes just 3.9 seconds and to 200 km/h (124 mph) only 11.9 seconds. This is possible thanks to a power-to-weight ratio of only 3.7 kg/kW – right up to 310 km/h (193 mph). Ultimately, we have designed the 911 GT3 RS 4.0 for outstanding racetrack performance, not for maximum speed.
A reliable supply of engine oil, even at high cornering speeds, is provided by the dry sump lubrication system with a separate engine oil tank. Oil is cooled via an oil-water heat exchanger.
* Fuel consumption in 1/100 km (mpg)1)2): Urban 20.4 (13.8), extra urban 9.9 (28.5), combined 13.8 (20.5), CO2 emissions 326 g/km.

1) Provisional figures; there are no officially tested values available at the time of going to print. Final, officially tested values can be obtained from your Porsche Centre.
2) The figures have been obtained using the Euro 5 method of measurement (715/2007/EC and 692/2008/EC) in the NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) with standard equipment. The figures do not refer to an individual vehicle, nor do they constitute part of the offer. They are intended solely as a means of comparing different types of vehicle. Further information on individual vehicles can be obtained from your Porsche Centre. Fuel consumption is determined on the basis of the standard specification. Optional equipment may influence fuel consumption and performance.


The 911 GT3 RS 4.0 is equipped with a variable intake manifold. To ensure high levels of torque and power over a wide range of engine speeds, in addition to a conventional distributor pipe, it also has two resonance pipes with switching resonance valves. At low engine speeds, both resonance valves are closed. At medium rpm the first, smaller valve opens. If the engine speed continues to rise, this closes and the second, larger valve opens. At high rpm, both resonance valves open. In addition to this, a completely new carbon air filter ensures better flow ratios and therefore less drag.
The noticeable result is an impressive torque characteristic, high maximum torque and high power over a wide range of engine speeds.

The lightweight sports exhaust system consists of two front silencers, two catalytic converters and one rear silencer leading into the central twin titanium tailpipe. The system’s large volume reduces exhaust back pressure to increase power.

The main aim on the racetrack is not to waste time. Especially not between gear changes. The six-speed gearbox in the 911 GT3 RS 4.0 therefore has an extremely short gear lever throw. The gear ratios are perfectly matched to the 4.0-litre engine and the best possible driving performance.
Gear changes are fast and precise, even in the top power range. The new 911 GT3 RS 4.0 has a single mass flywheel. Its low weight improves engine dynamics and the engine can rev more freely in the upper speed ranges.
The standard locking rear differential’s lock factors of 28 % (when cornering under power) and 40 % (when cornering on the overrun) are optimally matched to the engine’s power and torque characteristics. These result in greater traction, better acceleration and improved handling. The greatest virtue on the racetrack is always to gain time.

Strict discipline is required at the limits of driving dynamics because there is one thing you should never lose: control. That is where Porsche Stability Management (PSM) helps.
In addition to the ABS there are two automatic control systems: electronic stability control (ESC) and traction control (TC). ESC controls lateral dynamics using a range of sensors to constantly monitor the direction, speed, yaw velocity and lateral acceleration. These are used to calculate the actual direction of travel. If the car starts to go off course, ESC initiates braking on individual wheels to stabilise the vehicle within the limits of its driving dynamics.

Action – reaction. On the racetrack every movement counts. Delivered by a chassis that is designed for the highest demands of motorsport and which takes direct action instead of just reacting.
The new 911 GT3 RS 4.0 is 30 mm lower than the 911 Carrera. Its total weight and unsprung mass weight are also low – thanks to the consistent lightweight construction.
The front axle has McPherson-type struts with the wheels mounted individually on trailing arms and wishbones to ensure precise wheel location, total directional stability and excellent handling.
The rear axle has subframe-mounted LSA (Light, Stable, Agile) multi-link suspension. Ride height, camber, toe angle and anti-roll bar settings can be adapted individually for the racetrack. One special feature is that the transverse arm on the rear axle is divided – so that the camber can be adjusted more precisely.
Metal support bearings with ball joints mean there is practically no play in the connection between the chassis and body. Their use on the front and rear axles with additional ball joints on the rear axle in the 911 GT3 RS 4.0 ensures even less play in the bearings – for even more precise wheel location to enable better handling.

The new 911 GT3 RS 4.0 comes with white 911 GT3 wheels as standard. The central locking device, derived from motorsport, is anodised black and bears the ‘RS’ logo in GT Silver Metallic. The advantage is fewer rotating masses and faster wheel changes. When strict discipline is required, you have to respond fast.
The wheel dimensions on the front axle are 9 J x 19 with 245/35 ZR 19 tyres, and on the rear axle 12 J x 19 with 325/30 ZR 19 tyres. Road legal sports tyres1) provide the necessary grip. The standard Tyre Pressure Monitoring (TPM) displays a warning on the on-board computer if there is a slow or very sudden loss of pressure.
1) The low tread profile presents a higher risk of aquaplaning on wet roads.


Even we cannot reverse the laws of physics, not in everyday driving, and certainly not on the racetrack. However, we can use them intelligently with the dynamic engine mount system.
This electronically controlled system minimises noticeable oscillations and vibrations in the whole drive system, particularly the engine.
The engine is bolted to the body using two mounts. According to Newton’s law of inertia, a body will continue to move in a uniform straight line unless it is made to change its direction by a force acting upon it. Put more simply: when you are driving into a bend in your new 911 GT3 RS 4.0, the vehicle will follow your steering but, at first, the mass of the engine won’t. This means that the rear of the vehicle is pushed outwards after a time because of the inert forces from the engine’s mass acting on it.
The dynamic engine mount system minimises this effect. The steering angle, longitudinal and lateral acceleration values are constantly recorded by sensors and the stiffness of the two engine mounts is changed automatically according to the driving style. This is achieved using a magnetisable fluid in an electrically generated magnetic field. The stiffness and absorption of the engine mounts adapt to the conditions. For you this means greater traction and a noticeably more stable drive when there are changing loads and on fast bends.


This electronic damper adjustment system actively and continuously controls individual damping forces for each wheel, according to driving style and road conditions.
By pressing a button, the driver can choose between two modes, ‘Normal’ and ‘Sport’. Normal mode is designed for general driving on the road and on the racetrack in wet conditions. Sport mode is specially designed for maximum lateral acceleration and the best possible traction on the racetrack.

So far we have dealt with sport. Now let’s look at everyday driving. A specially developed ride-height lift system is available as an option to ensure that kerbstones, ramps and garage entrances no longer pose a problem. The car can now be lifted by 30 mm at the front if there is a risk of it grounding. A compressor generates air pressure which lifts the front shock absorbers in the PASM.


If you want to go fast, you need power. In racing, power is especially required in the brakes. The red six-piston aluminium monobloc calipers on the front axle and four-piston aluminium calipers on the rear axle have a monobloc design for greater rigidity and a consistent bite point.
The composite brake discs are large: 380 mm in diameter at the front and 350 mm at the rear. Thanks to their two-piece design with standard brake discs and aluminium calipers, the weight is reduced, and therefore the unsprung and rotating masses. They are internally vented and cross-drilled – for high braking power even in poor weather conditions. The four-channel anti-lock braking system (ABS 8.0) is designed for responsive and rapid control, as well as consistent deceleration and excellent braking performance, at the limits of performance driving.

Strict discipline is ensured by the optional Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake system, especially in motorsport where maximum performance counts, turn after turn.
PCCB’s ceramic composite brake discs have a diameter of 380 mm at the front and 350 mm at the back – for excellent braking power. The discs are made from a specially treated carbon-fibre compound that is silicated at approximately 1,700 ˚C. The resulting brake discs are much harder than standard brake discs. All the necessary ingredients are there for short braking distances, especially in tough conditions. Safety is also increased when braking from high speeds, thanks to the excellent fade resistance of PCCB. The key advantage is that the brake discs are approximately 50 % lighter than standard discs. These factors don’t just have a positive effect on driving performance and fuel consumption but, above all, they reduce the unsprung and rotating masses and therefore improve driving performance.
Please note that circuit racing, trackday use and other forms of performance driving can significantly reduce the service life of even the most durable pads and discs. As with conventional high performance braking systems, we recommend that all brake components be professionally inspected and replaced where necessary after every track event.


The GT3 SportDesign steering wheel upholstered in black Alcantara with a red cross-stitch seam can be adjusted for height and reach by up to 40 mm. It provides a secure grip, even when driving is extremely dynamic. Another feature is the red top centre marking on the steering wheel.


In the top discipline, it all depends on power and staying the course. The same applies to the interior materials.
So, hardwearing Alcantara has been used wherever there is direct contact, such as the steering wheel, gear lever, handbrake lever and the door handles. Also on the armrests in the door panels, the storage compartment lid in the centre console, the rooflining and the centre of the seats.
Red Alcantara provides a sporty contrast to the black interior.
The sporting trend continues with a material that is typical of motorsport: carbon. The standard lightweight bucket seats are made from carbon-fibre and are covered in leather and Alcantara. The badges on the dashboard and the door sills that bear the ‘RS 4.0’ logo have a carbon finish.
At no extra cost, a black leather trim with either red or black Alcantara is available.
Another special touch is the exclusive limited addition plaque on the glove compartment cover showing which of the 600 you can call your own.

On the racetrack, every fraction of a second counts, so it is essential to get information quickly. This is ensured by the five round instrument dials integrated in the cockpit, with the rev counter in the middle. Its titanium blue dial with the ‘RS 4.0’ logo has a gear shift indicator – for optimum acceleration. The instrument needles and dial markings are coloured yellow. The integrated on-board computer provides you with information on average fuel consumption, speed, distance left to travel and outside temperature.


Denim & Khaki

Happy Sunday!  I'm heading to AC in a few hours and I'm so excited for an overnight getaway! It's definitely needed.  I hope that you all had a great weekend so far.  Last night I went to this spot called Boom Burger to celebrate a friend's birthday. I wanted to go for something casual but a little dressed up.  I bought my first items from Suite201 on Friday and I love them.  I got this really cute denim button down crop top by a brand named Ellison.  It fits great and I'm so happy I got it.

I stopped by H&M and found these great khaki colored skinnies for only $12.95! They have them in black also.  I don't have any pants this color and I've actually been looking for something like this for awhile so it was a must! They're kind of long on me since I'm short so I just had to fold them under.  I'm wearing my Jeffrey Campbell Litas and they went perfect.  

I also got this leather studded bracelet from Suite201 that I'm obsessed with. It basically goes with  anything so I wore it with my outfit last night.  

Then I put on these earrings that I got a few months ago from Forever21.  They're one of my favorite pairs but I don't get to wear them that often. 

I also wore my double finger cross ring & gold finger ring and used my H&M shoulder bag. Then I put on Sophisto again :) 

I'll be in all black tonight!  Zippers are involved too haha.  I'll post pics tomorrow when I get back. Enjoy this lovely day!  
xx Naty <3 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Meeting My Neighbors and Taking Their Portrait

I've lived in the same place for nine years...as far as I remember. I mean, I'm pretty sure it's been nine years.  When I travel, I rent my home out, but I have been living here the majority of the nine years.  Besides a few select neighbors, I have no idea who my neighbors are or what their life is like.  I see interesting people walk by and sometimes I wonder about who they are.  There are a few who walk by everyday like clockwork and I have a nickname for them, based on their style. I always look forward to "pirate" walking by and I hope to get his portrait one day.

When I'm on the road, I don't mind approaching strangers since they will never see me again most likely but when I'm in my own neighborhood, I tend to avoid meeting anyone that is within viewing distance.  It could be that I am pretty shy or might not have the energy to talk to anyone, or perhaps both.

One of my photography instructors told me in front of the class that I spend too much time in my head.  He is right.  Then I thought..."How does he know this?"

I tend to think and think about things and ideas until it drives me crazy and the only way to get it out is to do it.  Most likely this isn't the brightest of ways to motivate but it seems to have served me well for the most part.  I have to admit that sometimes it takes someone saying something to get me to take action.

I decided that it's time to talk to people that live around me.  The other night I went for a walk and smiled and said hello to everyone I passed by.  It's a fact, smiling is contagious.  For someone who usually puts her earphones in for a walk, I was surprised on how easy it is to meet people.  Not only meet them, but each person I met allowed me to take their portrait.  Sometimes I would start with a smile and a compliment while other times I didn't know what to say so I just blurted out, "may I take your portrait?" Not only did they say yes but many were flattered I asked and one woman was so thankful that I talked to her and said hello.  How could you have a bad day after an experience like that?

Do you know your neighbors?  I challenge you to say hello and introduce yourself.  I bet you will be glad you did.  Here are some of my neighbors I met on my walk yesterday.  I intend to continue to meet as many neighbors as I can in the next few months.

Insulin and Obesity: Another Nail in the Coffin

There are several versions of the insulin hypothesis of obesity, but the versions that are most visible to the public generally state that elevated circulating insulin (whether acute or chronic) increases body fatness.  Some versions invoke insulin's effects on fat tissue, others its effects in the brain.  This idea has been used to explain why low-carbohydrate and low-glycemic-index diets can lead to weight loss (although frankly, glycemic index per se doesn't seem to have much if any impact on body weight in controlled trials). 

I have explained in various posts why this idea does not appear to be correct (1, 2, 3), and why, after extensive research, the insulin hypothesis of obesity lost steam by the late 1980s.  However, I recently came across two experiments that tested the hypothesis as directly as it can be tested-- by chronically increasing circulating insulin in animals and measuring food intake and body weight and/or body fatness.  If the hypothesis is correct, these animals should gain fat, and perhaps eat more as well. 

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Spesifikasi Toyota Rush New

1.5 S A/T
1.5 S M/T
1.5 G M/T

Overall Length ( mm ) 4,405
Lebar / Overall Width ( mm ) 1,745
Tinggi / Overall Height ( mm ) 1,740
Jarak Poros Roda / Wheelbase ( mm ) 2,685

Depan / Front(mm) 1,445
Belakang / Rear(mm) 1,480
Berat Kosong / Curb Weight ( kg ) 1,200 / 1,185 / 1,175

Otomatis 4 Tingkat Kecepatan / 4 Speed Automatic
Manual 5 Tingkat Kecepatan / 5 Speed Manual

Gear Ratio
1st 2.731 / 3.769
2nd 1.526 / 2.045
3rd 1.000 / 1.376
4th 0.696 / 1.000
5th 0.838
Reverse 2.290 / 4.128

Steering System
Power Steering, Rack & Opinion / Rack & Opinion with Power Steering

Depan / Front MacPherson Struts dengan Pegas Koil & Stabilizer / MacPherson Struts with Coil Spring & Stabilizer
Belakang / Rear 4 Link dengan Pegas Koil dan Lateral Rod / 4 Link with Coil Spring and Lateral Rod

Brake System
Depan / Front Cakram dengan ABS & EBD / Disc Brake with ABS, EBD Cakram / Disc
Belakang / Rear Tromol dengan ABS & EBD / Drum with ABS, EBD Tromol / Drum

Tyre Size
235 / 60 R 16

Tipe Mesin / Engine Type 1.5L, IL4, 16V, DOHC, VVT-i
Isi Silinder / Displacement ( cc ) 1,495
Daya Maksimum / Maximum Horse Power ( ps/rpm ) 109 / 6,000
Torsi Maksimum / Maximum Torque (kgm/rpm) 14.4 / 4,400
Powered with 3SZ-VE 1.5L DOHC VVT-i engine
Engine delivers 109 ps @ 6000 rpm
Peak Torque 141 Nm @ 4400 rpm
Better fuel economy
5-speed for manual and 4-speed for auto

Fuel System
Sistem Injeksi Bahan Bakar Elektronik / Electronic Fuel Injection

Bensin Tanpa Timbal / Unleaded Gasoline
Kapasitas Tangki / Tank Capacity (ltr) 45

4,410mm long, 1,695mm wide and 1,745mm tall including the roof rails.
Wheelbase is 2,685mm long.
Track is 1,445mm at the front and 1,460mm at the rear.
The manual variant weighs 1,210kg while the automatic is 10kg heavier.

3 rows of seats arrangement 2+3+2
Rear wheel drive ( 4 x 2 )
All three variants equipped with SRS airbags
Comes stock with 16″ ( 5 pieces ) alloy wheels
Turning radius is 5.2 meters, which is better than average for a SUV of this wheelbase.
Four colors Blue Metallic,Black Mica,Silver Mica Metallic and Champagne Mica Metallic.
3 years warranty / 100,000 km warranty ( whichever comes first )

Misc technical data  
Transmission 4-speed (A)
Drive type FWD

Body type SUV
Dimensions (L x W x H) (4006 x 1695 x 1706) mm
Wheelbase 2,580 mm
Min turning radius 4,900 mm
Kerb weight 1,200 kg
Fuel tank capacity 50 L

Brakes (Front) Ventilated disc
Brakes (Rear) Drum

Suspension (Front) MacPherson strut
Suspension (Rear) Multi-link

Dual Air Conditioner
2 Remote Controls ,Immoboliser ,Siren with backup battery & Cabin Sensor
Single DIN head unit with MP3,CD player,Tuner,6 speakers and Pillar Antenna
Jumper Cable,First aid kit,Safety Triangle
Door visor
Luggage Net
Luggage Tray
Bag Hook
Central Lock
Power Window
16 ” Alloy Rims
Reverse sensor
4 pieces carpet mat
Rear Bumper Protector
Centre console Box
Aerokit package ( consist of front and rear bumper spoiler , side skirting and over fender )


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Brick Red & Black

I had no idea that it was going to be such a gloomy day!  But regardless today was good.  Before I forget let me just tell you guys that I am going to be running the blog for Suite201 and making posts 1-2 times a week, so make sure to follow that blog as well & check for updates! I posted today about the blue trend!  http://shopsuite201.blogspot.com/

I went to Forever21 this week and fell in love with this "shag" vest by Heritage 1981 and it was the last one there.  It's sort of like a faux fur vest but the material is different. I tried it on but for some reason I debated on getting it so I didn't.  I don't know if anyone else is like this, but if there's something I like and for some reason I don't get it, I just can't stop thinking about it.  Then I feel like I have to get it.  Is that even normal? I don't know.  So literally all day yesterday I felt like I needed to go back to see if it was there.  So of course I did and luckily it was there waiting for me!  :)  It's a brick red color which I love because I don't have many red pieces and this adds a nice pop of color to any outfit. 

I decided to go with all black.  So I have on my H&M skinnies and this no name v-neck long sleeve tee. The vest on top of it really brought it all together.  I'm wearing my Bakers wedges.  I hadn't worn these in awhile.  I forgot how comfy they are!  Then I accessorized with my long feather necklace, 2 rings, MK watch & wrap around bracelet that I made the other day.  I also wore my Sophisto lipstick from MAC.  I actually realized today that I don't need to wear a liner with this color.  It goes on just like lipgloss.  I love it.  

My only complaint about this outfit was the lint and the shedding.  These pants are great but they pick up lint like it's their job.  And this vest is so warm & cozy but I was getting little red fuzzies all over myself.  Thankfully though I carry around a mini lint roller in my purse.  I do.  It's true! lol It's only $1 at target :) 

The last thing I wanted to share with you all are these really cute headbands from Suite201!  These are so trendy right now and I honestly haven't seen these styles anywhere else.  Check them out :)

Tomorrow is already Friday and I have such an exciting weekend ahead.  Another Birthday celebration and then a trip to AC! :) 
xo Naty 

Mazda 6 Specification

MAZDA6 Variant
  • i Sport
  • i Touring
  • i Touring Plus
  • i Grand Touring
  • s Touring Plus
  • s Grand Touring

- 170-hp (168 hp for PZEV)†, 2.5L engine with a choice of 6-speed manual or 5-speed Sport automatic transmission (i models)
- 272-hp, 3.7L V6 engine with 6-speed Sport automatic transmission (s models)

- 21/30 mpg (2.5L MT)‡
- 22/31 mpg (2.5L AT)‡
- 18/27 mpg (3.7L AT)‡

Grand Touring models already come with standard dual-zone automatic climate control, heated front seats, Bose® audio and Bluetooth® hands-free phone and audio capability**, but add the available Technology Package and you get the Mazda Advanced Keyless Entry & Start System, back-up camera††, and navigation system with 7-inch touch screen, rain-sensing wipers, auto-off xenon headlights and much more

Standard safety features include advanced front air bags, front side-impact air bags, side-impact air curtains‡‡, and Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)*** with Traction Control. A Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) System††† is also available

Techno White Pearl/Sangria Red Mica/Kona Blue Mica/Ingot Silver/Ebony Black/Black Cherry Metallic/Black Cherry Metallic

For Type i
Engine type 2.5-liter DOHC 16-valve 4-cylinder with VVT  
Horsepower 170 hp @ 6000 rpm (168 hp for PZEV)†  
Torque 167 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm (166 lb-ft for PZEV)†  
Redline 6200 rpm  
Displacement (cc) 2489  
Bore x stroke (mm) 89.0 x 100.0  
Compression ratio 9.7:1  
Fuel system Electronically controlled multiport fuel injection
Recommended fuel Regular unleaded
Valvetrain Chain driven dual overhead cams, 4 valves per 
cylinder with variable intake valve timing (VVT)
Ignition system Direct coil-on-plug electronic ignition
with platinum-tipped spark plugs
Engine block Aluminum alloy
Cylinder head Aluminum alloy
Emission control type (Fed/Cal) Tier2 Bin5 / LEV II (manual) PZEV (automatic) Tier2 Bin5 / ULEV

For Type s
Engine type 3.7-liter DOHC 24-valve V6 with VVT
Horsepower 272 hp @ 6250 rpm
Torque269 lb-ft @ 4250 rpm
Redline 6500 rpm
Displacement (cc) 3726
Bore x stroke (mm) 95.5 x 86.7
Compression ratio 10.3:1
Fuel system Electronically controlled multiport fuel injection
Recommended fuel Regular unleaded
Valvetrain Chain driven dual overhead cams, 4 valves per 
cylinder with variable intake valve timing (VVT)
Ignition system Direct coil-on-plug electronic ignition
with platinum-tipped spark plugs
Engine block Aluminum alloy
Cylinder head Aluminum alloy
Emission control type (Fed/Cal) Tier2 Bin5 / LEV II (manual) PZEV (automatic) Tier2 Bin5 / ULEV

Fuel Economy
Manual transmission (city/hwy)‡ 21/30
Automatic transmission (city/hwy)‡ 22/31(type i) 18/27(type s)

Type Front-wheel drive (FWD)
Manual transmission 6-speed overdrive
Automatic transmission 5-speed Sport with Adaptive Shift (type i) Logic and manual-shift mode  
6-speed Sport with Adaptive Shift (type s) Logic and manual-shift mode

Type  4-wheel disc
- Front 11.8-inch vented disc
- Rear 11.0-inch solid disc
- ABS 4-wheel, 4-channel with Electronic Brakeforce 
Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist

Type Rack-and-pinion
Power assist Hydraulic Power Assist Steering (HPAS)
Overall steering ratio 16.2:1
Steering wheel turns, lock-to-lock 2.9
Turning circle, curb-to-curb (ft) 35.4

Suspension 4-wheel independent
- Front MacPherson strut with stabilizer bar
- Rear Multilink with stabilizer bar

Wheel size (in) 16 x 6.5 , 17 x 7.0 , 18 x 8.0
Tire size P205/65R16 all-season radial, P215/55R17 all-season radial, P235/45R18 all-season radial

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Bombay Beach Adventure

If you have never heard of Bombay Beach, you might think the name would be fitting to a place that is similar to a tropical paradise.  You would be right, except that it no longer is the thriving community that it once was in the mid century.

I've always been curious about the Salton Sea and the surrounding areas and decided to take a visit a few years ago to wander around neighborhoods and see what I could find.  As I turned the corner to the community of Bombay Beach, it was as I imagined it to be.  Very few of the homes are lived in today.  When I visited a few weeks ago, I heard an explosion and once I headed in the direction of the smoke, I noticed that one of the trailers was engulfed in flames.  I asked a passerby what happened and if everyone was ok and he said that the owner crossed the wires to the propane tank, and he's ok...as he walked by me and disappeared around the corner.

I came to visit the town alone with my dog, Max.  At the time of the explosion, we were exploring abandoned homes and walking around the streets.  Because I was in my car near the fire, one neighbor came out and yelled at me to get away.  I decided to drive the car to a safe distance and I parked it while I jumped out and headed to the fire with my camera in tow, not really knowing what I was doing.  My natural instinct was to photograph what was happening at that moment.  Most residents were in their homes with a few people standing around.  I heard sirens as trucks were approaching to help.  Right before the fire truck arrived, I man pulled up and jumped out of his car 50 feet from me and yelled, "hey you!! Better take that camera away!" I slowly put the camera down and ignored him while he was standing there staring at me while making a gesture of his hand slitting his throat then pointing at me.  At this time, I was the only person standing out in the open so I decided it might be best to head back to the car, which I did.

Eventually, the fire was put out and nobody was hurt.  I don't know the entire story of what happened, but I am still intrigued by this area.  After this visit, I watched the documentary, "Bombay Beach" on Netflix.  It portrays life in this area pretty well.  I would recommend it.  Also, Anthony Bourdain took a trip here a few years ago and ate at the Ski Inn.  I have yet to eat there, but I plan to go back.  Believe it or not, I would love to live here for a while to document the neighbors.  In the meantime, here are a few photos from that day.